... the New Standard for Requesting and Delivering Intelligent Information


... Defines Metadata for Making Information Requests


... Defines the Packet Format for Dynamic Information Delivery


... is an Open Source Project run by tekom, the Largest International Professional Association for Technical Communication

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About us

Back in 2016, smart minds working under the umbrella of the tekom Working Group Information 4.0 had one vision: Making intelligent information for smart users.

The idea to get nothing more and nothing less than the exact information needed, right on the spot when it is needed, specific to the context, individualized, and on the preferred mobile device, stuck in our heads. Thereby, the idea of iiRDS was born. And with concentrated expertise and diverse strengths from different fields we made it happen.

Our Goals and Visions


  • Create a remarkable advancement in the field of Technical Communication by boosting the work efficiency to a whole new level
  • Establish a large network of smart minds who want to be pioneers in the Internet of Things
  • Make intelligent information easily accessible through standardization and automatization


With iiRDS, we are taking meaningful steps in the exciting field of Industry 4.0. With YOU on board, we want to continue to be pioneers in this innovative field and shape the Internet of Things with what we can do best: Making intelligent information for smart users.

Our Team

Editors (in alphabetical order):

Achim Steinacker (intelligent views)

Jan Oevermann (ICMS)

Mark Schubert (parson AG)

Martin Kreutzer (Empolis) 

Markus Wiedenmaier (practice innovation)

Sebastian Göttel (SCHEMA) 

Ulrike Parson (parson AG) 

Win Nuding (cognitas)


Contributors (in alphabetical order):

Achim Steinacker (intelligent views), Andreas Günter (Trumpf), Edgar Hellfritsch (doctima), Jan Oevermann (ICMS), Joachim Weber (ZF), Judith Hallwachs (tekom), Jürgen Sapara (tecteam), Mark Schubert (parson), Markus Wiedenmaier (practice innovation), Martin Kreutzer (Empolis), Michael Fritz (tekom), Michael Schaffner (BIOS), Norbert Klinnert (noxum), Philipp Nanz (Docufy), Rainer Börsig (FCT), Ralf Haldimann (ABB), Ralf Robers (Siemens), Sebastian Göttel (SCHEMA), Stefan Gentz (Adobe), Stephan Steurer (ICMS), Sven Leukert (SAP), Torsten Kuprat (Acolada), Ulrike Parson (parson), Uwe Reißenweber (Docufy), Volker Römisch (noxum), Win Nuding (cognitas), Wolfgang Ziegler (Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences)